U.S. Census – Charlotte’s Population Grew in 2011

U.S. Census – Charlotte’s Population Grew in 2011

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Charlotte’s population grew 2.7 percent to approximately 751,000 between April 2010 and July 2011. Charlotte comes in as the 17th largest in the country in both population count and in rate of population growth.

Charlotte of course is also the largest city in North Carolina, but it lagged behind Cary and Raleigh in growth rate, both having a growth rate of 3.1 percent in 2011.


  1. I moved here two and a half years ago, and I love Charlotte.I moved here from the DC area. Arlington to be more specific. .75 miles from the Balston Metro stop to be exact. The touonhwse that I lived in with some college buddies was a 25 year old dump that sells for about $600K now. I give this level of detail, so that the local big city wannabees and ex-big city refugees will know that I have a frame of reference for what I am about to say.Washington, DC has horrible traffic. It rules your life in determining where you work, live, and recreate. The extensive DC metro system has not prevented that in the least. Why? Trains do not go everywhere. In fact, they go very few places. It used to take me 45 minutes to travel the 7 miles to my office by car. It took over an hour by train. Riding bus to metro stop, riding train, transferring, riding some more, then walking to the office. That sucked. Now it takes me 20 minutes to drive 13 miles from my $200K house in a close in suburb. Verdict on housing cost and commute? Charlotte wins in a landslide.Entertainment. The wannabees and the refugees constantly talk about the lack of culture and restaurant options in Charlotte. They may be right. They might have a point – IF your average person went to dinner and a play every night. Alas, they don’t, so I’m not sure why they are whining.I ate at an Ethiopian restaurant the other day down off of Kings Blvd. Meskerem is the name, I believe. Sure, DC has a dozen Ethiopian restaurants and Charlotte only has one. Does it matter?My image of Charlotte is that it is full of three kinds of people.Used-to-Bees, Wannees, and Refugees. There are very few people who live here who can just accept that the cycle of life for a city starts with backward small town, moves to really nice place to live, and then ends in nice place to visit.We are currently in nice place to live, but soon with rising taxes, crime, failing schools, we’ll just be a nice place to visit.

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